How to turn a child’s mobile phone off automatically at bedtime
November 29, 2018
Giving a mobile phone to a child – lessons to teach and lessons to learn
November 30, 2018

A mobile phone that can only call parents

Would you like to be able to give a mobile phone to a child, so they can call home and be called by home, but don't want the phone to be able to call, or be called by anyone else? That's exactly what the ParentShield Child-Safe Mobile Network allows you to do. It also restricts SMS in the same way and you can turn off Mobile Data completely.

Because ParentShield operates Network-Side, all this can be achieved without changing any settings on the phone, Just by inserting the ParentShield SIM card into an unlocked phone, the account holder ( the parents or guardians ) can control the phone's network behaviour completely. You can determine what numbers can call, or be called and even set time limits to block all calls and texts at bedtime. Setting these features up on a smartphone is possible, to a fashion, but it will mean that the user could potentially change the settings - on purpose or by accident - and it will be necessary to confiscate the phone every time a change is required.

The ParentShield Portal is open 24/7 and it's simple to add or remove safe numbers or to turn the Ultra Secure Mode on or off. As the user grows in confidence and responsibility it's simple to relax restrictions up until the phone behaves in an identical manner to any mobile phone on a normal mobile network.

Choosing the right phone

For the youngest children you would probably be providing a simple feature-phone, but whether it's a simple 'chocolate bar' phone or the latest smartphone, the control is identical. As long as the phone is unlocked to any network, it will work nicely.

Setting up a Mobile Phone that can Only call Parents or Home

"Give them the phone they want"