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Mobile Phones for Kids: Parents Website Choice

At ParentShield, we speak to 100’s of parents every week shopping for mobile phones for kids to go with the best sim for kids.  Some will go for brand new, some refurbished and some pre-owned.  Others will upgrade their own phone and hand over their old contract phone – everyone’s a winner!

Whatever you choose, ParentShield will always try and help by passing on information gathered from conversations with parents and, in this case, it’s where they are finding the best deals on those mobile phones for kids.

We have listed a few websites here as parents tell us where they have been shopping online, for in case it helps anyone else starting out.

Shopping for Mobile Phones for Kids

Mobile Phones for Kids from Carphone Warehouse

Carphone Warehouse offer a great selection of Sim Free mobile phones for kids.  Prices start from around £18 and although it does go as high as around £2,000, It has a great low to mid-range selection.


Mobile Phones for Kids from eBay 

eBay is a popular website with a selection of new, used and refurbished phones.  Purchases are protected by PayPal, so should the worst happen, you’re covered.


Mobile Phones for Kids from Amazon

Amazon offers a wide range of SIM-Free & unlocked mobile phones and many parents tell us that they have brought mobile phones for kids from here as a trusted retailer.


Mobile Phones for Kids from Argos

Argos has been a popular choice with our parents as many have discussed with us that it has been their retailer of choice when buying mobile phones for children.


Mobile Phones for Kids from Facebook Marketplace 

Quite a few parents tell us that they buy pre-owned phones for kids from Facebook Marketplace, generally within close proximity to their home.  

Which?  Offer some guidance around buying on Facebook Marketplace that may help.



These are just a very small selection of websites that offer phones for kids, so we advise that you do your own research and always make sure that you choose an unlocked / SIM free phone and if you’re choosing a no data sim / sim with no data make sure you set up some phone parental controls to cover Wifi and personal hotspots

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