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Monitoring your Childs text messages with word alerts

Setting up word alerts is something that is unique to each user, as dialogue varies considerably.  Apart from the obvious words or phrases, scanning communications will aid the set up as you see the kind of dialogue taking place.

Receive alerts to monitor text messages

Once the word alerts feature is enabled, our system scans all incoming and outgoing SMS against the words or phrases you have chosen, and if detected, will alert YOUR phone via SMS that a trigger word has matched.  The SMS also includes a direct link to log in to your portal securely to view the conversation.

You can add an unlimited amount of trigger words 

Child Text Word Alerts

Test those words

For obvious reasons, home numbers aren’t programmed to trigger word alerts, so testing will need to be from a number other than a home number, or by using our testing panel.

Word Filter Test
set up trigger words to alert parents to monitor Childs phone UK

The testing panel doesn’t send an actual SMS to the chosen home number, but in stead it shows as red within the testing panel.  It will trigger an SMS in a live scenario, but only once per hour, as the first will prompt examination.

Testing Alerts
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