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Names4Numbers Privacy Policy

Data entered into the “Names4Numbers” extension for Google Chrome is not sent to or collected by ParentShield.

The names and numbers you enter will be stored on your computer, and may be saved in your Google Chrome account to enable synchronisation across devices. However, none of this data will be sent to ParentShield.

Historically, one of our most-requested features has been the ability to display names in place of telephone numbers. However, if we were to store other people’s sensitive personal data on our servers, this would require us to obtain consent from every person whose name and number were being stored. Therefore, we created the Names4Numbers extension to store the names associated with numbers on the user’s computer, while integrating seamlessly with the Portal to give the appearance of them being stored on the server which generates the pages. When you visit the ParentShield portal at , the extension modifies the data sent from our server as follows:

  • A whole new “Names” tab is created to display names and numbers.
  • Fields which are marked as containing telephone numbers are examined for stored numbers; and if thenumber which matches a stored number, it will besubstituted with the associated name before it is displayed on screen.
  • The menus attached to numbers in the “Calls” and “Text” tabs will have an extra action added, to allow you to enter a name to go with the number if no name is already stored against that number.

All of this takes place entirely within your computer, before the page is displayed. (Although if something is causing your computer to run very slowly, it’s possible that you might see a number appear on screen briefly before a name replaces it.)

Likewise, the processing of VCARD and CSV data for “upload”, and the generation of a CSV file for “download”, is performed entirely within your computer: nothing you enter in the “Names” tab is ever actually uploaded to ParentShield’s servers.

You may verify this for yourself as follows:

  1. Right-click in the Portal page and select “Inspect”, or press f12, to bring up the Web Inspector.
  2. Select “Network” (it may be on a drop-down “overflow” menu accessed by clicking on the “>>” icon).
  3. Refresh the page.
  4. Click on “” in the list in the left-hand pane of the Inspector, and then “Preview” in the right-hand pane.
  5. The preview that appears in the right-hand pane — representing the first chunk of data sent from our server — includes the text contents of all tabs and some style information, but not the graphics — these are sent afterwards, and can be previewed separately. Note that the preview contains only numbers, and the “Names” tab is entirely absent.

If you still have any queries, please contact the Engine Mobile team and we will try to help you.

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