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Are you looking for a No Data SIM for a child? ParentShield is designed for Child Protection and has exactly what you need. But What are the considerations when buying a No-Data Mobile Contract? What will it do, what won’t it do? and what are do we need to know?

For Child Protection, or the protection of any user, you may be advised to restrict or completely block Mobile Data – Internet access if you like. Astonishingly, in today’s connected world this is a harder thing to achieve than it possibly should be. Getting a Mobile Contract with no data is generally quite an ask!

ParentShield no data plans are special no-data SIM-Only contracts that allow calls and texts, but no mobile data – and so completely block all internet access, social media, internet-based instant messaging such as WhatsApp, iMessage, Face Time, Signal, Telegram etc – unless the phone has an alternative route to the internet – via WiFi or Bluetooth.

See more about the ParentShield UK no data SIM contracts here.

SIM cards with no data – FAQ

Can I get a SIM card without Data for my child?

Yes – all ParentShield contracts are available in no-data versions. They can be configured so no mobile data can ever be used, or you can turn mobile data off and on remotely yourself – without any need to touch the phone.

Can a no-data SIM phone still connect to the internet via WiFi?

Yes – if the phone hardware itself ( smartphones ) supports it, then yes, the phone will be able to access the internet via WiFi or Bluetooth. This will need to be prevented by using parental control software on the phone, or by using the data-free SIM card in a simple feature phone such as a Nokia 106.

If I have a no data SIM, can I still locate the phone remotely?

No, to locate the phone using ‘find my phone’ or some similar GPS-based service you will need access to some mobile data. This is because the phone needs to send the Satellite information it receives to a location service for decoding, and to allow it to be remotely located.
ParentShield users achieve this every day by using a normal ParentShield SIM card and turning mobile-data off in their Portal until such time as they need to locate the phone. Then turning data on remotely, it can be located, and data turned off again to return the phone to a no-data contract.

With a no data SIM, can the user still use iMessage, WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram Etc?

Not while the phone is away from a WiFi connection, no. These applications are all completely unreachable.

Is a no data SIM cheaper?

Yes, it certainly can be. Contact ParentShield Support on 0330 122 1180 for details.

Can mobile data be blocked at school or bedtime?

Yes – this is he normal state of affairs with a regular ParentShield SIM card. In many cases data is advantageous but all is needed are the regular ParentShield blocking controls to restrict Mobile Data at certain times of the day or night.

Can I get a Vodafone SIM with no data?

Yes, simply place an order for ParentShield SIM and specify Vodafone network at checkout.

Can I get an O2 SIM with no data?

Yes, simply place an order for ParentShield SIM and specify O2 network at checkout.

Will a no data SIM work in any phone?

Yes, absolutely any European Mobile phone, as long as it’s unlocked to all networks will work nicely with a ParentShield no-data SIM card.
The SIM cards are supplied in universal ‘tri-cut’ format and simply press out to any size.

If I get a nodata SIM, can my child still use WiFi at home when supervised?

Yes – Wifi is separate to mobile data and will still work if you want it to. In fact we recommend you spend as much time as possible online with a child in a safe environment where things can be properly explained before a child is allowed to have internet access remotely and privately.

Can I have a SIM-Only plan with no data and then top-up as needed?

Absolutely you can! ParentShield’s SIM-Only deals are flexible enough to allow this. Simply to-up for PAYG data and turn it on and off remotely as you need it. There is no way of running up a bill with ParentShield.

Can I get a Three (3UK) SIM card with no data?

Yes, ParentShield is always able to connect to Three mobile signals and a no data plan will work nicely on Three with ParentShield.

Does having a No-Data SIM card affect coverage?

Some networks expand their coverage by the use of “VoLTE” – Voice over LTE calling. That is to say voice connections will go over a data connection rather than a traditional GSM voice connection. If you have a SIM from such a network, then having no data available certainly may reduce voice coverage.
ParentShield’s Roaming SIM combines the coverage from all networks so such a thing doesn’t happen if there is any network with coverage.

If my child has no data available – can apps be used ‘off-line’?

Many apps certainly can – and Maps, video services such as Netflix and Music streaming apps all cater for ‘offline’ modes where content – could be a whole box-set of a series – can be downloaded over the home WiFi in the evening or over the weekend, and stored on the phone for viewing on the bus, or out and about with absolutely no data connection. The performance and quality is higher and there are no data concerns.

Can a no data SIM card send SMS messages?

Yes, SMS is a protocol that was designed long before mobile phones had data and will work without it.
SMS became the ‘standard’ messaging protocol in the early 1990’s having been designed a few years earlier. The first SMS message was “Merry Christmas” and sent to Vodafone employee Richard Jarvis by his colleague Neil Papworth.

Will SIM with no mobile data work with iMessage?

iMessage is an IP-based application so to work, the phone needs to have internet access. If you have an iPhone and a no data SIM, you will need to ensure the phone is set to send messages via SMS and be sure to ‘start’ conversations from the phone’s mobile number rather than the iCloud email address.
With a little work the two will be fine together but you need to know the difference between iMessage and SMS so you can make sure things are behaving as you expect.
See the blog post:

Can a phone with a no-data SIM card tether to another phone to get online?

Yes, tethering via WiFi or Bluetooth is a phone feature that’s not in the control of the SIM card, so if parental controls allow it – tethering will be possible.

Mobile Contracts with no Data for Children

For younger mobile Phone users. The Internet is an unnecessary danger. It allows a mobile phone to send and receive picture and video messages from and to anywhere in the world, as well as allows access to anything on the internet.

Mobile data also allows access to malware, and fraudulent activity where, particularly young users, people can be tricked into revealing sensitive access or personal information.

SIM only deals no data uk

No-Data SIM card
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No data versus unlimited data

All mobile networks are starting to offer unlimited data options on their mobile plans. Unfortunately celular data poses significant risks to children so many parents are opting for a “no data” SIM-only plan.

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