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O2 SIM Only for Kids

By ParentShield’s Network Experts

Are you looking for an O2 only SIM card for a child but with ParentShield controls? ParentShield’s new Super Roaming profile will do this. You get the O2 SIM Only deal and coverage, plus all the unique features and benefits that only come with ParentShield.

O2 SIM Only
O2 Photo by Pavel S on Unsplash

Many people love O2 for its outstanding 2G and 3G coverage and in most parts of the UK its coverage indoors rates among the strongest available in the UK. O2 is backed by the huge Telefonica corporation and an excellent network choice for many people. For clarity it’s an “O” letter of the alphabet and not a “zero” so O2 not 02.

Along with Vodafone, O2 controls a large share of the < 1GHz mobile spectrum in the UK and so benefits from the greater range afforded by larger wavelengths. See a chart of Mobile Radio Frequencies on our blog about mobile signal blockers.

This portion of the radio spectrum is better for long distance connection, and the ability for longer wavelengths to “bend” or defract as us radio fanatics say, means your child using O2 could potentially have a signal in the shadow of man-made or natural obstacles where a SIM only on the higher ( and more recently-introduced ) 1800Mhz band may not. Not that O2 doesn’t have bandwidth in 1800Mhz but they hold a larger share of the longer wavelength spectrum.

ParentShield’s Super-Roaming SIM on the O2 Network allows parents to provide all the security and safety benefits of the ParentShield Portal while tapping into the proven and reliable O2 sim only signal for their Child’s Mobile Phone. The ParentShield SIM will connect to O2 and adds a host of protective features such as a no data SIM option.

Getting an O2 SIM for your Child’s Phone

Simply place an order for any of the ParentShield SIM Plans and choose O2 at the checkout. We will ensure your SIM will then connect to to the O2 Network.

Putting your Child on an O2 network SIM is particularly favoured by customers who themselves use the O2 network and are then in a position to advise their children exactly where in the house, or neighbourhood the most reliable O2 network signal can be found. This is particularly important in areas with a lower level of coverage.

O2 SIM Only Deal on ParentShield

If you’re not sure whether O2 will be best for you, just leave the Network Selection at the Default option and we’ll allow the smart registration server to do the work. For more guidance and help to choose the best mobile network, there is also a network selection guide.

O2 SIM only cost

Choose O2 at checkout and the ParentShield SIM will be configured with O2 network in its routing table. The O2 SIM Only option costs only 99p per month on top of the default tariff choice. Once this is done the SIM will connect to O2 and benefit from the superb O2 network. A real bonus for O2 fans.

Not sure that an O2 Children’s SIM Card is the best option?

Don’t Panic! have a read of our network selection guide for more details. ParentShield’s Super Roaming SIM will actually connect to Vodafone and Three UK as well so we can guarantee coverage in areas that O2 will not cover.

An O2 SIM Only deal for a child is particularly a great option if you have an older 3G or 2G mobile as this network’s legacy coverage is second to none – although 4G and 5G coverage is right up there with that of the other Networks. 2G and 3G still have plenty of life left and won’t be obsolete in the UK for another 10 years at least.

Being a roaming SIM on the O2 network, A ParentShield O2 SIM card for a Child’s first phone will provide the same coverage as GiffGaff or Sky Mobile or O2 themselves but with the addition of all the ParentShield Safety and Security Features, such as recording, alerting and comprehensive block and allow lists. Like all ParentShield features these are all available through your portal without any need to touch the phone or call any support line!

A bit more about O2 Telefónica

The parent company behind the O2 signals in the UK is the ‘Spanish BT’. Telefónica has over 100,000 staff worldwide and covers all of Europe and is also strong, unsurprisingly, in the Spanish-speaking Americas. If you go abroad on holiday to Spain and you see Movistar written at the top of your phone then you are connected to this company.

If you are lucky enough to travel to South America, look out for Vivo as the Network name. That’s the same company too. The Company was formed in 1924 so O2 really does know a thing or two about telephony and, more recently of course, your SIM only contract.

ParentShield SIMS will work on all of Telefonica’s networks all the way across Europe.

O2 has recently partnered with Virgin Media in the UK. The company has had a little back and forth with different partnerships in the UK, and a couple of notable network events but overall, O2 is a solid choice for a SIM only card for your child.

Taking out a ParentShield contract and requesting O2 at checkout will do the trick. If you are unsure which network(s) will be the best for you – call us on 03301221180 as we have access to the coverage maps for all the networks and will be delighted to find you the best option.

O2 Childrens SIM Only FAQ

Can I get an O2 Child’s SIM with ParentShield?

Yes – your SIM card on O2 for your child can come with the safety, monitoring and control features of ParentShield by specifying O2 as your preferred network at checkout.

I have a Phone that is locked to O2. Will that work in my Child’s First Phone.

To use a ParentShield SIM on O2, the phone will still have to be unlocked to all networks.

Is O2 a good network for my Child’s Phone?

Yes – for its coverage, technology and long-term stability an O2 SIM Only deal is a great option if you prefer to go for a single-network child’s SIM card.

Does O2 have a Family Plan for a child’s mobile

Yes, O2 and its MVNO like GiffGaff and Tesco Mobile all provide ‘extra sim’ family plans but getting an O2 SIM in your Parentshield Portal is the only way to have the ParentShield monitoring, control and security features.

Does O2 do a child’s SIM card?

Like all the adult mobile networks, O2 does provide basic parental control features. Putting your ParentShield SIM on the O2 network provides you the advanced monitoring, control and reporting features of the ParentShield Network, coupled with the solid and reliable O2 network coverage.

Are there any SIM card Deals for O2 ParentShield?

Yes – always. Keep an eye on the SIM card deals page for the voucher that suits you.

O2 is Best for Unlocking your Child’s Phone

In our experience, if you are looking to hand your ex-contract phone down to a child, good news! O2 rates right up there with ParentShield Customers for its ability to unlock child phones quickly and efficiently. Their Web Chat function is the best place to start – or contact our unlocking team if you need assistance.

O2 also has a very helpful customer contact centre that will help. If you still have a ‘my o2‘ account then logging into there, you will find ‘More’ and ‘Unlock my device’ in the menu.

Devices bought recently from O2 ( iPhones from 2019 particularly ) shouldn’t be locked. But it’s not unknown, so don’t take it for granted.

How do I know if my phone is locked to O2?

Simply insert a ParentShield SIM and restart the phone. If it ‘just works’ then the phone is unlocked. If it displays a message along the lines of ‘SIM not Supported’ ‘Enter Network SIM PIN’ ‘Enter Network Unlock Code’ or something along those lines – it varies from phone to phone – then the O2 Phone is definitely locked, no matter what O2, or the Ex-Husband, or the man off the market says!

Remember that network lock that stops the phone working on a different network is different to a SIM Lock that stops a SIM working in a different phone. Sorry – we didn’t invent this!

How to get a child’s SIM card on O2

At the ParentShield Checkout – specify O2 as your preferred network. We will then ensure your Child’s SIM card will connect to O2.

If you have any questions about coverage – call our network team on 01283 707057 and say you have connectivity concerns. They can advise you on the best options for you, check coverage on ALL the networks, and could even send a SIM to enable you to check the coverage for yourself.

If you don’t find a ParentShield SIM has the best coverage, we have a no-quibble policy. Being a Roaming sim we are confident that no single network will ever beat our combined coverage.

PAYG O2 on ParentShield

With an O2 SIM on ParentShield there is no contract so you can terminate at any time – and as long as you tell us before the renewal date we can terminate things straight away and there is nothing else to pay. It gives you all the convenience of a contract phone, and is always available and always has service. Obviously this is extra important when it’s a child’s phone.

We know that children’s needs change rapidly and often! so you need a mobile network that is designed around the needs of children.


O2 have been excited to announce that their customers can use eSIM technology. Those that want eSIM for the use of a child however, may want additional parental controls, monitoring and alerts that are not available from a traditional carrier. If this is the case, ParentShield has special eSIM’s for children.

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