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Parentshield Adds Children In Care Modes

ParentShield, the UK’s Child-Only mobile phone network provides powerful safeguarding and control features for parents wanting to safely provide a first mobile phone to younger children.

To address the needs of corporate parents and allow them to respect the rights of children in care, ParentShield announces new special Children-in-Care SIM Contracts – the Pro Stage SIM cards, that include the provision of a mobile contract with unmonitored lines or numbers to allow phone users privacy while carers maintain control of the Network’s advanced safety alerting , control and call blocking technologies.

Deciding between PAYG and Contract for a Child's phone

Parents of young or vulnerable children face a difficult dilemma. They want to be able to provide a mobile telephone to the children in their care – for the ability it provides to keep in touch – but fear the potential dangers of unseen communications that can be harmful.

The new Engine Mobile network operates just like any other UK mobile network, but also provides full secure telephone call and SMS recording under the control of the responsible adult in charge of the account. Undesirable behaviour can easily be identified and used as a basis for discussion with the user, or in the most serious situations be reported to authorities.

Block all numbers, or just some numbers

Any individual telephone number can be blocked via the phone’s admin portal and, unlike normal telephone call barring, blocks are affective for both incoming and outgoing calls. The blocking is under the control of the phone account holder ( the parent ) and cannot be bypassed or circumvented by the mobile phone user. The account holder has powerful controls that can be set appropriately for each user’s level of responsibility.

The service, available with various bundle options, is a pay-monthly SIM-only contract mobile service. The ParentShield SIM card is inserted in any mobile phone and it’s instantly protected. The network offers full true UK roaming, connecting to the strongest signal from any of the major UK networks. This means it also provides the best mobile network coverage available in even remote areas of the country.

ParentShield is owned and run by Engine-Mobile Ltd a company benefiting from 20 years experience of development of VOIP telephony design and internet marketing


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