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ParentShield Home Numbers

What is a ParentShield Home Number?

A ParentShield Home Number is a special phone number that is treated differently to other numbers that a ParentShield user communicates with.

ParentShield Home Numbers are:

  • Never Blocked by Time Controls
  • Never Blocked by SchoolBlock
  • Always callable regardless of the remaining credit
  • Not notified about recording
  • Used for SMS Word Alerts
  • Used to verify your account details

Because ParentShield includes many optional and powerful blocking mechanisms for Child Protection it’s important that Parents set their Home Numbers ( which can be landlines or mobiles ) correctly. This way it will always be possible to make contact.

Unlike other numbers, Home Numbers are also never alerted about recording taking place. For this reason Home Numbers must always belong to someone who understands the recording process of a ParentShield number. For this reason we always alert every number that is added as a Home Number by SMS.

If you have found this page because you have received an SMS message that reads: This number is now a ParentShield home number. Log in: with details from the account holder or call for advice: 03301221180. and you don’t know why, it’s important to call us on that number, or email so we can remove it. It’s possible a ParentShield user has added your number by mistake, or it could be that someone you communicate with has a ParentShield SIM. In any case we’ll be able to help.

ParentShield Home numbers are also used for sending SMS word alert notifications – in cases where your child has sent or received messages containing your alert words – as well as service notifications such as low balance alerts, or Network Watch alerts. The messages from ParentShield systems to the Child will appear to come from your phone number so they know that they are genuine.

Account Access and Security

If you’ve ever called ParentShield you’ll know that we use your phone number as one of our security measures. Parents are the ones that are presumed to have authority over the account, and not the child number. This is different to a ‘normal’ mobile service that will almost always presume that the person who holds the mobile phone has the authority to make changes.

This is another reason why it’s important that only the responsible adults are added as home numbers.

Two Home Numbers

Home Phone

ParentShield Home Numbers are a vital link to a child’s phone.

As a rule, ParentShield accounts have 2 Home numbers. It is possible however to add a third home number. This is usually done in the case of Children in Care if there is a trusted third party who needs to communicate with the child in private – and it can be set to be an unrecorded line. If you need a third Home Number – then please do call the office on 03301221180 for advice.

Texts and calls DO count as part of your monthly allowance but will still work if the monthly allowance reaches zero.

Abuse of Home Numbers

Home numbers aren’t there to provide ‘unlimited free calls and texts’. They are there so you don’t have to worry if your child has reached their monthly allowance. Where usage is regularly far higher than the regular plan minutes/texts then we will make contact and suggest a different tariff starting from the next bill.

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