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ParentShield Portal

The ParentShield Portal is the secure access point for ParentShield Customers. From your ParentShield Portal you can control and examine many features of the network, and the status of your child’s SIM. The ParentShield Controls are unique and not available on any other network.

All the network settings for a ParentShield SIM are made remotely so you never have any issues accessing the SIM controls and no PIN numbers to *try* and keep secret.

You can read all about the features of the ParentShield Portal, in the portal guide. Or log into the Portal.

All settings and changes you make in the Portal are instantly active. This is because we operate our own voice and SMS platforms and don’t need to send instructions up to the various networks on each change. You can try changing a setting, and make a call and instantly see that it’s taken effect.

We are constantly improving and adding features to the ParentShield Portal so please log in from time to time to see what’s changed – or if you have a suggestion for a change to the ParentShield Portal, please do give us a call, or drop us an email. Most of the features we have came from similar suggestions from customers.

If you have multiple ParentShield SIM ONLY SIM accounts they can be managed from within a single Portal, or kept separate as required for convenience and security.