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ParentShield – Proud to be protecting …

At ParentShield we are determined that our users will never be just a phone number or an account number. We remember that every one of our users is a special person who deserves the best protection, best service and best coverage that a Mobile Network can possibly provide.

A mobile network that’s only used by children needs a special set of controls and safeguards that a normal adult mobile network can’t provide.

We’re not phased by phones being lost, damaged or confiscated. We understand when kids do things with their phones, that to be honest, you probably hope they wouldn’t!

But, like being a parent, not everything goes smoothly and its those times that ParentShield is there to provide the peace of mind that you need – especially at that scary time that is providing a first mobile phone.

SIM Only

ParentShield is a SIM Only service that allows parents to safely provide the right phone for the stage that their children are at. Just choose a plan and we send the SIM and set them up with their first phone number and are here to help whenever you need us.