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December 19, 2019
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December 19, 2019

Call Recording with ParentShield

ParentShield optionally allows the secure call recording of conversations with your child.

ParentShield is unlike every other Mobile Network. Because ParentShield is only available for safeguarding purposed, we can offer the Call Recording service recommended increasingly by Police and Senior Social Workers.

Listen or Download

If Call Recording is appropriate and necessary, it can be turned on from the ParentShield Portal. Once it is turned on every call to or from the ParentShield-protected phone is recorded and the recording available for review or download, securely, from the Parent Portal. Calls are deleted automatically after 6 months. Even if calls are not routinely monitored, this archive has proved invaluable in locating missing children.

New callers into the network are alerted to the fact that their call will be recorded via an unobtrusive voice message during the call connection process.