ParentShield Call Recording
December 19, 2019

SMS Recording with ParentShield

ParentShield allows for the recording, securely, of every SMS sent or received by your child's phone.

UK phone users send over 200 million standard SMS messages every day!

ParentShield optionally provides an important monitoring tool for those users determined to be at high risk. Every SMS passed to or from a ParentShield-protected phone can be recorded and made available for review. SMS are stored securely for 6 months before routine deletion.

Word Alerts

With Recording turned on, the message can also be subject to automatic scanning and comparison against a user dictionary of trigger words, phrases, and patterns. If any of the dictionary entries match content in any incoming or outgoing message, the parents' Alert Number is notified instantly by SMS

Blocking Age-Restricted Apps

SMS filtering provided by ParentShield creates a powerful safeguarding tool. On an adult mobile network a child can simply lie about their age when registering with an age-restricted service such as WhatsApp or iMessage, or TikTok and receive a verification code on their mobile by SMS to set it up. A parent or carer would have no way of knowing this has been done. With ParentShield these Activation messages are filtered by the network and placed in the Parent's Portal for review. If the application is appropriate, the message can be forwarded on.

View even Deleted Messages

In cases where parents rely on periodic inspection of a child's phone it's all too easy to simply delete messages from the phone so they would not be seen. Messages appear in the portal in real time as they are transmitted and remain even if the phone copy is deleted.