Data Budgeting
December 19, 2019
Time Controls
December 19, 2019

Spending Controls with ParentShield

ParentShield is designed to teach responsibility in mobile phone use. Out of the box, all ParentShield SIMS block every premium rate service, all overseas calls and texts, and those expensive shortcake SMS numbers that can cost £10 or more per use.

Mobile Phones are notorious for running up huge unexpected bills. It's something that everyone with a mobile phone knows, and it's so common - people expect it to happen. ParentShield has been designed to put an end to that completely.

No Premium Rate Services

With your ParentShield SIM ALL premium rate services are always blocked. That's Directory Enquiries, those SMS short Code services used for voting or donating, overseas telephone numbers and even the "Payforit" service that you can use ( wittingly or otherwise ) to pay for music, downloads, games or whatever via your phone bill!

These controls are there to protect parents from unexpected costs, but also as a tool to help teach children the importance of financial responsibility.

Going Abroad

ParentShield has extensive and growing partnerships with overseas telecoms companies so we can offer free calls from and to many countries while you are on holiday. For more information see the Going Abroad with a Child's mobile phone page