Spending Controls
December 19, 2019
Strongest Signal SIM
December 19, 2019

ParentShield Time Controls

ParentShield turns you into the Network Controller. Without any changes or settings on the phone you decide the hours that the phone can make and receive calls, send or receive SMS, and access mobile data.

All of ParentShield's controls work via the network so you can put a ParentShield SIM into even the simplest of mobile phones and control it completely form your ParentShield Portal without so much as touching the phone.

Set Bedtime

Bedtime controls are usually the first controls that ParentShield customers try out. A simple single switch turns this on, and you set the times and forget it! After Bedtime, all call and texts and mobile data are blocked. They can still call the two special Parent numbers though - as these are special and never blocked.

Set SchoolBlock

If your child's school has a 'no phones' policy, then SchoolBlock is there for you. With one Switch, all calls, texts and Mobile Data are blocked between 9am and 3pm. Calls home and emergency services calls will always work though. No matter what happens, your vital communications are protected.