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Porting Process

ParentShield is a very special kind of mobile network so a few of the processes that people may be familiar with from a traditional “Adults Network” may be a little different.

Inbound Number Ports

In the vast majority of cases, a ParentShield phone number will be a child’s first mobile phone and so very few customers need to port numbers into the ParentShield Network. Our numbers are special – to allow us to apply the advanced recording and monitoring controls that ParentShield offers. It’s also important to us that ParentShield cannot be used in any abusive situation – with a SIM being set up to replace one that’s currently in use without the user’s knowledge or permission.

Due to the special nature of ParentShield Mobile Network routing, and to avoid any risk of abuse – Inbound Number Porting is currently unavailable in *most* circumstances. If porting is essential in your application of ParentShield please call us, or email hello@parentshield.co.uk for a chat.

Outbound Number Ports

PAC Codes for departing customers may be supplied, Free of Charge for terminating accounts paid up to date on a monthly subscription after a period of twelve months and requested at the time of cancellation.

The majority of children using their first mobile phone are very unlikely to build an extensive contact list that would require them to keep the same number.

The 30 day cancellation period will be strictly enforced where a PAC is requested, and notice may only be served at the end of a full monthly period. Complimentary periods granted for referral will not count as paid up subscription periods in this case.

Because ParentShield blocks all short-code SMS it won’t be possible to text PAC to 65075 to request a PAC. But our customer service team can action this for you via email, telephone or web-chat.

For more details or to discuss porting or special numbering requirements, please call 0330 122 1180 or email the ParentShield team on: hello@parentshield.co.uk