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June 4, 2019
Sample contract template for safely providing a mobile phone to your child – the ParentShield Way!
October 22, 2019

Protecting Children from Age-Restricted Apps

Age-Restricted applications such as WhatsApp and TikTok require the phone user to verify installation and phone number by sending an SMS message to the phone. This means that with a SIM from an adult mobile network, any child can simply lie about their age, and then access unsafe and age-inappropriate content.

ParentShield Bocks these messages and in stead of allowing them to go to the Child’s phone, makes them available to the parent via the ParentShield Portal.

If the parent decides to allow registration of the app then the code can be passed to the child.

How Old Do Children Have to Be to Use These Apps?

  • Facebook = 13
  • WhatsApp = 16
  • Snapchat = 13
  • TikTok = 13 ( Recommended 16 )
  • Instagram = 13 ( Recommended 15 )
  • YouTube = 18 ( Allowed 13+ with Parental Supervision )
  • Tumblr = 13

Many parents are unaware of the sort of content that can easily be accessed via these apps or that they are often used as instant message platforms where users can easily be contacted by strangers and used to share inappropriate content.