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Provide any Phone of your Choice

ParentShield is a SIM-Only Mobile Network and our SIM cards will work in any unlocked mobile phone and most children’s phone-watches. This means our customers are free to source exactly the right phone for them and their child.

Dedicated “child protection” phones can be very expensive, and not particularly desirable objects to show off in the playground. Being very low-volume production compared to mainstream mobile phones, they can also prove to be unreliable and expensive to repair when the inevitable happens.

Be it a handed-down contract phone that has been unlocked, a cheap feature phone, or the latest smartphone, ParentShield will work nicely. No matter what size SIM the phone takes, the ParentShield SIM is universal and will press out of its surround to become the right size. The SIM is also available as an eSIM for more modern phones or some child’s phone watches. Apple Watches with Cellular facility currently require a special type of eSIM that we currently don’t support, however it is in development.

This is important because it may be a child who is likely to lose or damage their phone, and a cheap or second-hand phone will be the only viable option, or it could be that a special ‘child protection’ mobile phone wouldn’t be accepted because of the playground stigma.

Smartphone or Feature Phone

Depending on the user’s age, you may decide to start them off with a very basic Feature Phone or “brick phone” such as the trusty Nokia 106. Being network-side controls, ParentShield’s features don’t rely on the ‘computer’ features of a smartphone and are just as powerful in a £15 Nokia as a £1300 flagship smartphone. There are no apps to install and no settings to put on the phone.

We looked at various options but decided to go with a standard Android Smartphone which is the phone our daughter wanted. The Android parental controls and Google family link are excellent out of the box and the phone isn’t an embarrassment like a special ‘children’s phone would be.

Parentshield Customer

If a phone is lost or damaged ParentShield will always provide a free replacement SIM card so the user can be back in action as soon as possible. The ParentShield App has a simple pre-filled request form for these occasions and as we have all children as users, it won’t come as a surprise or shock to us.

As children grow up quickly, the ability to easily move the ParentShield SIM to a new handset is a real advantage. A handset purchased on a 24 or 36 month contract is unlikely to be appropriate after a matter of just a few months.

Call us for advice – 0330 122 1180

As you’d imagine we speak to people selecting their child’s first, second, or third mobile phone every day. We’d be delighted to share that experience and help you find exactly the right phone.

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