ParentShield Children in Care modes

ParentShield understands that every use case is different and we set out to provide monitoring and control technology that is flexible enough to provide a service that respects the rights and expectations of all users.

If you are a corporate parent we can supply bundles of activated SIM cards that are ready to use as a Young Person comes into your care. We bill monthly for all SIMS in use in that month so if that Care User leaves your system there is no ongoing contract. see:
If you just need one or two - place an order for any of the 3 ParentShield Plans at and either put a note on the order or drop us an email or give us a call and let us know what you need.

If you would like your ParentShield setting up in any of the modes below - contact us at any time.

Special Modes

1No Recording
In No Recording mode, the ParentShield SIM calls and SMS are unrecorded at all times.
The Account Controller has no option to turn on recording.
Call records are limited to regular "itemised bill" lines showing the calling and called parties, date and time and call duration.
2Unrecorded Line
Unrecorded Line mode allows the provision of a third "Home Number" that is permanently set to unrecorded. All calls to or from the Unrecorded Line number are never recorded.

The Unrecorded Line number is also unmetered and available regardless of the other settings such as Timed Mode or Ultra Secure modes.

This mode is often requested if there is a responsible third party - such as a social worker or natural parent or legal representative who requires private access to the phone user.
3Special Arrangements
Contact us to discuss any special requirements. Call: 0330 122 1180

If you have any questions you'd like to add to this page, please contact us

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Supporting the Police Federation

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