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FAQ for Care Users

ParentShield Children in Care modes

Mobile phone provision for Children and Young People in care poses special challenges. ParentShield understands that every use case is different and we set out to provide monitoring and control technology that is flexible enough to provide a service that respects the rights and expectations of all users.

If you are a corporate parent we can supply activated SIM cards that are ready to use as a Young Person comes into your care. We bill monthly for all SIMS in use in that month so if that Care User leaves your system there is no ongoing contract. see: https://parentshield.co.uk/product/care-plan/

Special Requirements

Because all needs may vary in a care situation, ParentShield’s technical team can make various adjustments for Children in Care. For example: one of our care homes has a YP who needs to make outbound calls but can’t disclose their mobile number. Our Technical team was able to reconfigure the SIM so outbound calls will always appear to come from the Home number, and not their own Mobile number.

ParentShield also has many special features to cater for the most complex phone co-parenting and billing situations.

Please do call us on 0330 122 1180 if you have any requirement that is currently not being met.

Use ParentShield as an office phone

If you need a mobile phone for calling Service Users, parents or staff, and would like the recording features of Parentshield, our SIM is perfect for the job.

The ParentShield Office SIM can be provisioned to call out and present your Office number, rather than a mobile number. You can even have multiple phones that all appear to have the same number – giving you the privacy you need and the reassurance of recorded calls for compliance purposes.

  • Present the Caller-ID of your Office
  • All calls recorded
  • All SMS recorded
  • Super Roaming

Fair Use Policy

For most of our users, our Standard Tariffs are suitable, but Children in Care can be among our highest volume users and we need to draw attention to the fair use policy. Our systems and tariffs are designed with normal usage levels in mind. If you have a young person who has a history of high phone usage there is a chance that usage might cause the account to be flagged as such and transferred to the Care Plan and additional top-ups may be required. Such action doesn’t happen until usage exceeds 100 times that of an average user, and is a very rare event. There will be ample warning of course as high levels of usage are detected.

If you would like your ParentShield setting up in any of the modes below – contact us at any time.

Can recording be turned off completely?

In No Recording mode, the ParentShield SIM calls and SMS are unrecorded at all times. In addition we can set up to three numbers that can have recording turned off.
The Account Controller has no option to turn on recording.
Call records are limited to regular “itemised bill” lines showing the calling and called parties, date and time and call duration.

Is it possible to have a special Unrecorded Line?

Unrecorded Line mode allows the provision of a third “Home Number” that is permanently set to unrecorded. All calls to or from the Unrecorded Line number are never recorded. There can be up to three of these.
The Unrecorded Line number is also unmetered and available regardless of the other settings such as Timed Mode or Ultra Secure modes.
This mode is often requested if there is a responsible third party – such as a social worker or natural parent or legal representative who requires private access to the phone user.

Can you set up Special Arrangements?

Contact us to discuss any special requirements. Call: 0330 122 1180

If a number is blocked – is the caller redirected to Voicemail?

No. Because Mobile Voicemail is insecure – and vulnerable to hacking, and recorded by networks in an unsafe and unencrypted way, we completely disable this facility.
In many cases Voicemail is still used as a vector for bullying or inappropriate contact. Blocking a caller and then inviting them to leave a message is not ideal in a protection scenario!

Cyber Essentials Certified
ParentShield Supports the Police Federation

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