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Retro Phones for Kids

Many parents are turning to ‘retro’ or ‘dumb’ phones, officially known as feature phones, for their children. These simpler devices, when paired with a ParentShield SIM card, offer a host of benefits that extend far beyond basic communication. Here’s why this combination is becoming increasingly popular among parents.

Enhanced Mobile Phone Safety

Feature phones inherently limit internet access and app usage, which significantly reduces exposure to online risks such as inappropriate content and cyberbullying. When coupled with ParentShield’s advanced parental controls, the safety measures are further enhanced. Parents can monitor calls and texts, block unwanted contacts, and set specific times for when the phone can be used. This ensures that children use their phones safely and responsibly.

Increased Parental Involvement

A retro phone paired with a ParentShield SIM encourages active parental involvement in a child’s mobile phone journey. This involvement is crucial as it helps parents guide their children in developing responsible phone usage habits. By staying engaged, parents can address any issues or concerns that arise and ensure their children are using their phones appropriately.

Responsible Mobile Phone Use

ParentShield acts as a powerful educational tool. Parents can use the service to teach their children about safe communication practices and the importance of responsible phone usage. Over time, as children demonstrate responsible behaviour, they can graduate to a smartphone while still benefiting from ParentShield’s protection. This gradual progression helps children adapt at a comfortable pace, with parental oversight.

Cost-Effective Solution

Feature phones are generally more affordable than smartphones and are less prone to expensive damages. This makes them an economical choice for parents. Additionally, with ParentShield’s capped billing, there are no unexpected costs. Parents can rest assured that their children will not be able to run up a hefty phone bill, as all opportunities for extra spending, such as premium rate services, are permanently blocked.

The ParentShield Advantage

ParentShield offers several features that make it an ideal choice for parents:

  • Unlimited Calls & Texts to Home: Children can always reach home, even if they have used their allowances, ensuring peace of mind for parents.
  • Call and Text Recording: All communications are stored in a secure online portal for parental review. Even if texts are deleted from the phone, they remain accessible to parents.
  • Spending Controls: All opportunities for extra spending are blocked, making overspending impossible.
  • Time Controls: Parents can set specific times for phone usage, promoting healthy habits.
  • Word Alerts: Parents are instantly alerted if messages contain concerning words or phrases, allowing them to intervene if necessary.
  • SchoolBlock: Parents can prevent the phone from being used during school hours, ensuring that children remain focused on their studies.

Preparing Children for a Smartphone

Starting with a retro phone allows children to develop good communication practices in a safe environment. As they demonstrate responsible behaviour, they can transition to a smartphone with continued ParentShield support. Eventually, they’ll be ready for an adult mobile network, equipped with the skills to manage their mobile phone responsibly.

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