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Providing a first Mobile Phone Contract for a Child

Here is an example mobile phone contract that you might like to copy and modify as required to start off your discussion about mobile phone use and responsibilities with your child. Feel free to copy this and paste it into your own document for editing, or download the PDF or Word versions linked below. We strongly advise that any monitoring or control takes place in partnership with the young person.

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This contract is confirmation that [Parents Names] are providing a mobile phone to [Child Name] for protection purposes. 

As this creates a number of other dangers, it will be issued on a fully monitored and recorded service for further protection until such time that you are ready for a standard ‘adults’ mobile service.

This agreement outlines responsibilities and consequences.

Responsibilities of Child;

  • I will keep my phone charged at all times.
  • I will answer or respond promptly when my parents contact me.
  • I understand that I am responsible for knowing where my phone is, and for keeping it in good condition.
  • I will keep the phone locked when not in use and never share my password with anyone.

Information for child

  • There is no need to share my phone’s password with my parents as they can use an online portal to check my phone at any time.
  • Threatening or mean texts to others will be visible to my parents from within their online portal (even if I delete them from my phone).
  • I will not be able to text, make phone calls or use mobile data after [Insert Bedtime] as my parents will set this for me from within their online portal.
  • I do not have to worry about going over our plan’s monthly minutes, text message or data allowance limits, as this service is impossible to run up additional spending.
  • If I am being harassed by someone via my mobile phone, although my parents can hear the calls and read the text messages, it would be healthy to approach them to raise the discussion.
  • I understand that I will not use my mobile phone to bully another person and my parents will be alerted on texts that include words they choose, and have full visibility on all communications.
  • If I try and download age-restricted apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, TikTok etc, I will not receive the verification code to my phone for it’s activation, it will be delivered to my parents online portal instead so that they have visibility of this.
  • I understand that WhatsApp allows for a linked device that I could use to allow parents to join in or monitor WhatsApp messages.


I understand that if I misbehave, my parents will restrict my phone from within their online portal so I am only able to call and text them, and no one else.

Responsibilities of Parents;

  • I understand that I have to obey any rules [Childs Name’s] school has regarding mobile phones, such as disallowing calls texts  and also the use of mobile data during class by activating the SchoolBlock switch from within your online portal.
  • I understand that it is my responsibility to check my online portal to monitor for suspicious or alarming phone calls or text messages from people [Childs Name] doesn’t know.  And block them accordingly.
  • I understand that it is my responsibility to ensure that it has appropriate apps and approve any spending on my Apple Store / Google Play account.
  • I understand that I will make myself available to answer any questions [Childs Name] might have about owning a mobile phone and use the controls within my online portal to assist [Childs Name] to use it responsibly.
  • I will support my child if I find any alarming text message or calls that they have sent or received by raising an evidence based discussion.
  • I will alert [Child Name] of any loss of service due to non-payment. 
  • In the instance of misbehaviour, I will give [Childs Name] [Number of Warnings] warning(s) before I restrict the phone to only allow calls and texts to ‘home’ numbers, and / or switch off the ability to use mobile data from my online portal.

Signed ______________________________ [Parents]

Signed ______________________________ [Child]

Date ______________________________

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