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Santa-Approved Safety for Your Child’s First Phone

🎄📱🎅 Ho, ho, ho! It’s the season of goodwill and giving, and what better gift to give them than the magic of their first mobile phone for Christmas! But hold on to your sleigh bells, dear parents, because with ParentShield, you’re not just gifting a phone, you’re wrapping up a whole sleigh-load of safety and control features to guide them.

Santa’s Special Safety: Listen, Read, and Limit

ParentShield isn’t your average mobile service; it’s a protective cloak for your child’s mobile journey. Imagine this: as a parent, you have the power to listen to your child’s calls, read your child’s texts, and set restrictions for your child’s phone through an online portal. It’s like having Santa’s magic, but for your child’s phone activity!

Home Numbers: Santa’s Hotline!

Imagine your child’s delight when they can always reach Mum, Dad, for free, no matter what! ParentShield’s “Home Numbers” ensure that these essential contacts are always within reach, even if the phone’s credit has vanished faster than cookies on Christmas Eve.

Specific Word Alerts: Santa’s Sleigh Bell Ring

Want to know when certain words or phrases pop up in your child’s texts? With ParentShield, you set the alerts, and whenever those words are used, a notification flies down your chimney straight to your phone. It’s like having a Santa’s sleigh bell ring whenever something important comes up!

Time-Restricted Mode: Santa’s Magic Time-Turner

Oh, the power to control when the phone can be used! ParentShield lets you set boundaries—no calls or texts during school hours or after bedtime. Your child can only communicate with the “Home Numbers” and, of course, the Emergency Services. It’s like Santa’s magic ensuring your child’s phone is off-duty when needed.

No Overspending: Santa’s Spending Safeguards

With ParentShield, your child can’t rack up unexpected charges—only using the monthly allowance and any extra funds you’ve preloaded. No international calls or premium rate numbers—Santa’s put a lock on those expenses!

Christmas Billing: Delay Payment for Santa

Just imagine this: you place your order for ParentShield, and it’s posted on the same day. The excitement builds up, but guess what? The first bill won’t be whisked away until January 2nd, thanks to choosing the direct debit option.

Buy now pay later for SIM card at Christmas

This Christmas, with ParentShield, you’re not just giving a phone—you’re giving the gift of safety, control, and peace of mind. It’s like having Santa’s watchful eye over your child’s mobile phone. Merry Tech-mas to all, and to all a silent night! 🎅📱✨

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