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School Mobile Phone Ban

A nationwide School Mobile Phone Ban is completely unnecessary according to specialist children’s Mobile Network ParentShield, formed in 2018. ParentShield is the only mobile network in the UK that allows you to block, at network level, all calls, SMS and Mobile Data during School hours. This removes any potential distraction caused by unwanted pings and vibrations caused by those ‘Under the desk’ texts.

With a ParentShield SIM in the phone there is no way a phone can receive, or make any unwanted calls or SMS during class, and landing someone in trouble. After school the phone is there to call home and request a pick-up or tell parents where you are or when you will be home, or delayed.

Mobile data is similarly blocked during school hours.

ParentShield Block During School Hours

Because the ParentShield SIM is controlled by parents at Network-level there is no way for the controls to be circumvented by the user, and an exception can still be made for home numbers and emergency calls. So even if the user has to be contacted in an emergency, or call home in an emergency, this will still work.

Many schools are recommending ParentShield for this reason just as Secretary of State for Education Gavin Williamson discusses the possibility of a UK-wide Ban on all mobile Phones in Schools. It’s a move that many people believe would remove what is a vital lifeline communication tool for many Children.

ParentShield Network is provided by Engine Mobile Ltd and operates across the best mobile services in the UK. To discuss ParentShield Schoolblock call the UK ParentShield Office on 03301221180 or visit

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