November 25, 2020

Self-help guide.

Self Help Guide – We’ve distilled the most common support calls into a quick guide here. We’ll try to get to as many calls over Christmas and the New Year as possible but please drop us an email to with any problems or questions.

SIM not received

Every order has been processed and posted at the very earliest opportunity. Unfortunately the Royal Mail has been suffering from delays due to staffing and the pandemic.

Please drop us an email to and let us know so we can work out the best thing to do.

No service

1) Leave for 10 minutes after installing the SIM AND restarting the phone

The usual behaviour is to search, connect to a network and then drop to ‘emergency calls only’; it will then cycle through the networks and connect to the best.

2) Still not connecting after 15 minutes…

Check that roaming is switched ON within the phone settings and that network selection is set to automatic.  Also that voice and data are set to 3G or 4G.

3) If the phone is a 2G phone?…

Our SIM’s are despatched configured for 3G/4G phones, if you suspect that the phone is a 2G phone (basic feature phone / candy bar phone) then email with the make and model along with your ParentShield telephone number.  Leave it switched on and we’ll reconfigure it over the air to make it 2G compatible.

4) It is saying ‘SIM not supported or ‘Invalid SIM’ or ‘Enter SIM network PIN’

The phone is locked to one network – you will need to contact the mobile network that originally supplied the phone and ask them to unlock it.  It is a common request that they are obliged to action.

5) It’s connected, but it’s a poor signal 

If you live in a poor signal area then it’s likely to be the general indoor coverage in your area.  Signal improves on all networks as the phone moves around and connects to different cell towers.

Poor signal areas can be stronger for either 3G or 4G, so try connecting voice and data to just 3G, or just 4G as that can make quite a difference.

Cannot make or receive calls / sms

1) Blocked by time controls?

Check the time controls in your portal and that the ‘from’ and ’to’ times are as you would like them.

2) Is Ultra-Secure mode switched on?

With this mode switched on, the only numbers that can be called / called by, are the two ‘home numbers’ and the emergency services.   Then any other numbers you add into the Safe List.  Any other numbers are blocked.

Mobile Data isn’t working 

1 ) Mobile data is switched on in the phone, but still doesn’t work.

Check that data is switched on within your portal  

2)   Still not working?

Check the time controls as data is also blocked during the ‘not allowed’ times.

3)   It’s working but it’s a bit slow

Check the APN name set to dataconnect in the phone settings > mobile data > mobile data network