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Sky Child SIM Card

Getting a SIM card from SKY Mobile will be an O2 SIM card as Sky Mobile is an O2 MVNO. This means that Sky Mobile use the O2 network and infrastructure. Sky Mobile went live on 5th January 2017.

Getting the best coverage on a Childs Sky phone

By ordering a ParentShield SIM card you can easily boost the coverage to add all of the other networks coverage as well as the single O2 network coverage offered with a Sky Mobile SIM card.

Super-Roaming is an optional extra at the ParentShield online shop.

Sky is an O2 MVNO

Installing a Sky Mobile SIM in your Childs phone is no different to putting them on the O2 network as the coverage and core network features are the same as an O2 SIM Only deal. So if you’re in an area where O2 doesn’t provide the coverage you need, a Sky Mobile SIM will have the same coverage issues.

Is Sky Mobile the best SIM for kids?

If you’re looking purely for a cheap SIM deal for your Childs phone, with SIM-only prices starting from only £6 a month, possibly so. But if you’re looking for additional features to keep your child protected.. less so.

The ParentShield support team speak directly with parents on a daily basis with pre-sales questions, talking over their concerns and explaining how ParentShield’s revolutionary parental control and monitoring features work. The running theme is that mainstream mobile networks simply don’t offer the controls to suit the requirements of a parent looking for that added layer of protection for their Childs mobile phone, and that the ability to tailor their Childs service remotely is a welcome addition to the marketplace.

This is an excellent service for young first-time phone users and parents alike. Easy to set up, monitor and control, giving us peace of mind in the transition to the phone and cyber world!

Richard Perry

Unlocking a Sky Mobile phone to use with ParentShield

If you are handing down your old Sky Mobile phone to your child to use with a ParentShield SIM, then worry not – Sky phones are sold as unlocked, so they can be used with any network without having to do anything at all.

Sky Mobile eSIM

Sky Mobile currently offer traditional SIM cards, but not eSIM. For a child, ParentShield eSIM are perfect for protecting them.

A bit more about Sky Mobile

  • Sky Mobile is a service offered by Sky UK Limited (formally British Sky Broadcasting Ltd)
  • Sky Mobile offer a range of SIM Only plans and packaged handsets
  • Sky Mobile have been live since the 5th January 2017
  • Sky Mobile’s website can be found at

For a child however, Sky Mobile doesn’t offer the special child protection features of ParentShield SIM FAQ

If I get a SKY SIM, what network will it be on?

Sky is an MVNO of O2 – so having a SKY SIM is the same as having an O2 SIM – the coverage and features will be identical

Will my phone have to be unlocked to use a SKY SIM card?

Yes, the phone will need to be unlocked. SKY doesn’t provide locked phones.

Can I get the O2 coverage that SKY has on a ParentShield SIM card?

Yes – choose a SIM Only Deal at ParentShield checkout and select O2 as the network.

Does the SIM card have good parental controls.

SKY offers the basic parental controls required of an adult network by OFCOM, but not for calling, texting and monitoring controls.

Can my old Sky contract phone be used with a ParentShield SIM?

Yes it can – Sky won’t have locked the phone so it’s only necessary to get SIM-Only deals from ParentShield and insert the SIM into the phone.

Sky Mobile Numbers

SKY mobile numbers include:


Although it’s of course possible to port a number into Sky Mobile, or out from Sky, so the number itself is not a guarantee that the number is with Sky.

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