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Smartwatch vs Smartphone: Which is best for a child?

Choosing between a Smartwatch and Smartphone is usually a crossroad that parents face in cases where there are concerns around providing a mobile phone.  

We look at the most common parental concerns and the benefits of both options based on feedback from our conversations with parents:

Are Smartwatches or Smartphones best for a child?

Advantages of a Smartphone for a child

  • Rapid access to information 
  • Easy to communicate with friends 
  • Geolocation
  • Equal to their peer group 
  • Keeping up with technology 
  • No cost in handing down an old phone

Disadvantages of a Smartphone for a child

  • Seeing something they shouldn’t
  • Prank calling 
  • Strangers contacting their child
  • Cyber bullying 
  • Excessive usage 
  • Access to Social Media platforms 

If you are leaning towards a Smartphone, we have guide to the best phone contracts for kids

Advantages of a Smartwatch for a child

  • Overcomes the fear of a Smartphone
  • Limited functions
  • Geolocation 
  • Can be a low cost gift
  • Less likely to lose it
  • SOS button

Disadvantages of a Smartwatch for a child

  • Limited functions 
  • Can be difficult to set up
  • Product quality 
  • Not equal to peer group
  • Child may not use it
  • Can be difficult to operate

If you are leaning towards a Smartwatch, we have complied a guide to the best kids phone watch

Best SIM card for kids Smartwatch

ParentShield SIM cards are perfect for a Child’s Smartwatch as they are 2G, 3G, 4G compatible and 5G ready, so whether it’s a Smartphone, Dumbphone or Smartwatch, we’ve got you covered. Plus, all of the features that ParentShield offer will still be available for the Smartwatch too.

  • The only Mobile Network designed for Children
  • All-Network SIM provides stunning UK coverage
  • Know and control who they are talking to
  • Monitoring capabilities not available on other mobile networks
  • Teach responsible phone usage from day one
  • Unique parental controls
  • Impossible to overspend
  • Stop phone usage after bedtime

Best SIM card for kids Smartphone

The best SIM cards for kids smartphones should have a guarantee of no-overspending out of the box, at the very least. And also have some controls with mobile data, such as a SIM with no data option or time controls. ParentShield SIM cards are perfect for children’s phones as the features are designed for the job.

Unique Features of ParentShield

  • Use your choice of phone that your child will be proud to show off and is of the right level.
  • Records all calls and texts to and from the sim card
  • All texts and calls can be viewed in online ‘parent’ portal – Even ‘Deleted’ ones
  • Unwanted texts or calls can be blocked at the touch of a button
  • Internet can be turned on or off
  • Free calls to home
  • Time controls stop calls and texts after bedtime or during school time
  • Adjustable security options so that your child can be given more freedom as they grow
  • No advertising or encouragement to spend more is ever targeted by ParentShield at the user
  • Daily Data Budgeting allows you to make sure mobile data ALWAYS lasts the whole month
  • No overspending is ever possible.
  • Automatic Word alerts
  • Child Abuse protection and alerts
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