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A SIM card from SMARTY will be a Three (3UK) SIM card as SMARTY is an MVNO of Three (3UK). SMARTY is a subsidiary of Hutchinson 3G UK Ltd (Three / 3UK). SMARTY is a low cost alternative to subscribing to Three (3UK) directly with their monthly rolling contracts, but don’t offer any telephone support as the trade off. SMARTY have great customer feedback with a solid 4.2 out of 5 from over 23,000 Trustpilot reviews at the time of writing.

Boosting coverage to utilise All Networks for a Childs phone

Although most parts of the UK, SMARTY coverage outdoors rates among the strongest available, there are some areas, particularly indoor, where another networks signal may be stronger. By upgrading the single 3UK coverage that SMARTY SIM cards offer to the ‘all network’ roaming SIM in the ParentShield checkout process, that will utilise the combined coverage of all the other networks too, switching to whichever is the strongest at the time, wherever you are – mega coverage for your child!

SMARTY is an MVNO of Three

Choosing a SMARTY SIM for your Childs phone is the same as getting them a Three SIM only service. If Three doesn’t provide adequate signal coverage in your area, then it will be exactly the same with a SMARTY SIM as the network and core features are identical. SMARTY SIM cards will only connect if there is sufficient Three signal where you are.

Is a SMARTY SIM the ideal choice for a Child?

If it’s massive data at cheap prices you’re hunting for, or a SIM card for yourself or someone other than your child, then quite possibly so. If you’re looking for a SIM card for a child and want added protection, such as ParentShield’s revolutionary controls and monitoring capabilities then other options may be a better solution.

The majority of Parents that we speak to that are taking the first steps into giving their child their first mobile phone, have requirements that are simply not catered for by any other mobile network, and so see ParentShield as a very welcome alternative.


At the moment, SMARTY do not offer eSIM but those scouting around for the best eSIM for a child, ParentShield have exactly the right tools for the job.

A bit more about SMARTY

  • SMARTY was founded on the 31st August 2013
  • SMARTY’s parent company is Three UK
  • No credit checks are made
  • 1 month plans, so can cancel at any time
  • SMARTY’s website can be found at

For children though, SMARTY doesn’t offer the child protection features built into ParentShield’s SIM-only plans

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