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Sun Cards

Sun Cards?, I hear you ask.  Yes.  The ParentShield live chat team have found that Sun card is a common misspelling of SIM card ( busy parents have the need to type quickly ) so we thought it would be a good idea to list the most frequent Sun card questions for in case you do a quick search and land here.

Sun Cards? You mean SIM cards!
Sun card is a common misspelling of SIM card

What do the sun cards do?

The SIM cards themselves are roaming SIM cards, originally designed for Emergency Services, VIP’s and lone-workers. They roam across all UK networks, 3UK, Vodafone, O2 and EE for the best possible coverage.  This is clear practical and safety benefit for any user.

There is a rundown of the main portal features and a little walkthrough video of how it works here

How do I apply for a sun card?

Simply place an order directly from the ParentShield website here or call us on 0330 122 1180.

What network does the sun card piggyback on?

Our SIM cards connect to all UK networks, 3UK, Vodafone, O2 and EE – you can learn more about this here

How quick can you get a sun card?

We ship same day First Class as standard, but also have the option of Special Delivery for an additional fee ( cost price ) at checkout 

What size is the sun card?

Our SIM cards are 3-way universal SIM cards, so fit any phone.  They just push out to the side you need as in our guide here

Is this the best sun card for kids?

We strongly believe so.  We have put a great deal of thought, time and hard work into making it so; and are constantly adding new features.

From a customer service perspective, we also assist with general help and advice around many things not even related to our service, as our parents navigate this new world.  We’re always on the lookout for any added guidance that we can provide.

Is this a sun card that has no data on it?

You choose.  Every plan comes with a big data on off switch in the parent portal, with this off it is impossible for the child to use mobile data – you can learn more about this in our guide here

Can I pause the sun card?

Absolutely.  We totally understand that children’s needs change, so we will always be as flexible as possible. 

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