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Talk and text only plans

When providing a phone for a child, parents don’t necessarily require (or wish to allow) access to a mobile data allowance, so prefer a talk and text only plan.

Mobile contracts with no data. Talk and Text Only
Talk and text only plans have no mobile data

What is a talk and text plan?

A talk and text plan is a SIM plan that offers inclusive calls and texts, but is essentially a SIM card with no data.  This makes it impossible for the child to use mobile data, as there is no mobile data included in the allowances.  This means that any application that requires data, such as the web browser, music streaming, iMessage / Google Chat etc, will require the phone to be connected to Wifi for it to work – usually at home, where it can be properly monitored.

Talk and text only plan FAQ’s

Can I locate the phone on a talk and text plan?

Usually, talk and text plans are a no data sim, meaning that mobile data is totally disabled. Or, have the option to add a data bundle, but this can be used for all things internet and not for location alone.  With ParentShield however, we know that both locating the Childs phone, and blocking the ability to use mobile data is something that needs to be managed simultaneously when it’s for a child. All of ParentShield’s plans are designed with the tools to instantly toggle a Childs SIM between talk and text only plans and allowing the use of mobile data.
Simply log into your ParentShield portal and switch data on, do the location lookup and then switch it back off again. 
ParentShield is designed to fit Children Data Switch

Can I add mobile data if needed on a talk and text only plan?

Yes.  You can top up cash balance to use for mobile data ( there is no minimum amount and top ups never expire ) and manage its use, either by turning data off and on remotely, or by time controls.

Can I change my talk and text only plan if needed?

Yes.  You can either simply switch mobile data on in the ParentShield portal, or upgrade your plan in the billing tab under ‘tariffs and service’.  There are no penalties for doing so and can be upgraded or downgrade at any time.

How can I change my plan to a talk and text only plan?

You can either downgrade the plan in the billing tab of your portal under ‘tariffs and service’ or turn mobile data off from within the data tab. Alternatively, you could change the phone from a Smartphone to an emergency phone for a child

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