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Tesco Child SIM Card

A SIM card from Tesco will be an O2 SIM card. Tesco is an MVNO of O2’s and allows them to re-sell O2’s facilities. As you would expect, it’s a cheaper option that going to O2 direct and, as a while Tesco’s service and Feedback is excellent – Giving the Supermarket Giant a decent 4 out of five stars on Trustpilot.

Getting All Network coverage on a child’s Tesco Phone

By ordering a ParentShield SIM you can easily upgrade the single O2 network afforded by Tesco to an all-network roaming SIM that will add the combined coverage of all the other networks.

Super-Roaming is an optional extra at the ParentShield online shop.

Tesco is an O2 MVNO

Putting your Child onto the Tesco network is the same as getting them an O2 SIM Only service. This means that the coverage and core network features with a Tesco SIM are the same as if the child has an O2 SIM card. If O2 doesn’t provide the coverage in the area where you are then Tesco will be the same as the Tesco SIM will Only connect if there is a suitable and useable O2 signal in your location.

2G, 3G and 4G

Tesco SIMS for children are compatible with older ‘2G’ GSM phones such as the Nokia 105 and Nokia 105, and Nokia 3310 that all make great Childrens’ first phones.

As they grow and maybe move to a 3G or 4G smartphone – the Tesco SIM can be moved to the new device without problems or needing to be swapped.

Is Tesco Mobile the best SIM option for a Child?

If it’s a low price, and an adult Phone networks that you’re looking for and taking into consideration Tesco’s service and the excellent O2 UK coverage – possibly so. But if you’re looking for child protection features, less so.

Most of the Parents that we deal with at ParentShield on a daily basis tell us that they need a very different service to that provided by a mainstream Mobile Network Provider. Where an adult might want a huge data bundle, for a child it would certainly be seen as a safeguarding risk. Conversely, ParentShield has a completely different set of features.

For Extra Coverage, Every Little Helps

Here is a comparison of the main differences between a Tesco Child’s phone and a ParentShield SIM-Only contract. If it’s coverage that’s important then the addition of Vodaphone, Three and EE to the reach will certainly be a big help.

Tesco Child SIM card vs Parentshield

FeatureTesco MobileParentShield
Tesco MobileParentShield Logo
Networks CoveredO2O2, Vodafone, EE and Three
International Calls✔️
Number Porting✔️✔️
Allow List✔️
Blocking List✔️
Premium Rate Calls✔️
Totally Capped Costs✔️
User Assumed to have Authority✔️
Network Roaming✔️
Call Recording✔️
SMS Recording✔️
Word Alerts✔️
Daily Data Budgeting✔️
Time Controls✔️
Extra Security✔️
User verification✔️
Only Children Allowed as Users✔️
Special needs features✔️
Recommended By professionals for child use✔️
Comparison of the differences between a Tesco SIM card for Children, and a ParentShield SIM

A bit more about Tesco Mobile

Tesco Mobile has a long history in the Mobile SIM world. It was founded in 2003 by the Retail Giant Tesco as a joint venture with what is now Virgin Media O2. You can find their website at

Tesco Mobile has a good reputation and gets excellent feedback from customers that are reflected in higher-than-industry-average feedback scores.

For Children however, Tesco Mobile doesn’t provide the special child protection features of ParentShield

Upgrading a Tesco phone to ParentShield

You may have a child’s mobile phone that was previously on a Tesco contract. If so, you will be able to upgrade to ParentShield by inserting a ParentShield SIM Card. The ParentShield SIM will come with a new phone number and a set of ‘my new number’ stickers that your child can pass to their friends. Naturally, there should be plenty of stickers to go around but you can always contact ParentShield and ask for more if necessary.

Unlocking a Tesco Phone for a Child to use

Check out the ParentShield SIM unlocking guide for more details but as a rule Tesco-supplied phones will already be unlocked so should be ready to use with a ParentShield SIM Card.

Giving a second-hand Tesco phone to a child will therefore be a simple job and as long as you take the recommended precautions for handing a phone down to a child, there should be no issues.

Tesco eSIM

Tesco Mobile have stated “We don’t currently offer services for eSIMs, but please keep an eye on our website for the latest updates on our products and services” but if your child’s Birthday is approaching and you’d like an eSIM for a child’s phone or watch, pop on the ParentShield website to place an order. ParentShield eSIM’s come loaded with all the features you need to keep a child safe too.

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