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ParentShield Customer Reviews

Because we have been able to re-invent the mobile network, and build our features to be perfect for our users we are able to do the right thing. And we hope this shows in our feedback. You can read reviews here, or you can visit, our independent review provider and see every single review, good or bad.

Read the Hundreds of reviews from current ParentShield Customers

Reviews verified by

All the ParentShield Reviews here are verified by Review Company Every time we receive an order, a review request is sent to the customer on our behalf by The feedback they receive is published – good or bad. At ParentShield we work our hardest to deserve a five star review from every customer.

Our Customer Sarah, told us what she thought of ParentShield. We used her words to make this video.

Our commitment to you

As with everything in life, if it involves humans, computers, and mobile networks! things will occasionally go wrong. What we can promise though, is if it’s our fault, we will put it right, and do that as quickly as humanly possible. Occasionally there are things out of our control ( like the post, or other mobile network services that we rely on ). If these go wrong we will do everything we can to find a way around the problem, or at the very least, stop charging you until things are perfect again.

We genuinely want things to be perfect and go smoothly – and we hope you can see that in the feedback and reviews above. We have had people tell us that they don’t think these reviews are genuine, because they are too good! Please be assured that every one is a review from a genuine customer.

In any case, please call us! 03301221180 is the number, or email us: if you have any questions, problems, ideas or just want to say hi! If you feel it’s necessary, or just want a named person to speak to who has the ability to do anything in our power, have a look at the contacts on the contact us page.

Please do leave us a recommendation on our page:

How does ParentShield Compare to other Networks?

UK Mobile Network Consumer Ratings as of 5 January 2023*

Vodafone SIMTrustpilot1.317,480
O2 SIMTrustpilot1.38,589
EE SIMTrustpilot2.111,378
Tesco MobileTrustpilot4.516,493
Comparison of UK Mobile Network Consumer Review Ratings. Taken January 2023
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