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Your mobile network is NOT the best mobile network for Children

Adult Mobile Networks aren’t necessarily the best mobile networks for kids. Adult mobile networks have developed over the past few decades and contain features that may well prove to be dangerous for Children. It’s a natural desire to want to hand things down to your children ( like that old mobile phone ), but your mobile network shouldn’t be your first choice.

Your SIM card is not the bast SIM card for kids

The best mobile network for children is a network that has been started from scratch with ONLY children as users. One that has the features you need to make it safe for Children to use. Because they can include advanced child-protection features, such as call recording or SMS recording, a child’s mobile network would actually be illegal to use for Adults. Fortunately for Parents looking for a special children’s mobile network, ParentShield is now available and is designed to be the best mobile phone network for children from the ground up, and designed to be used safely by children with Adult supervision. So much so it is not open to Adults. All ParentShield users have to be children or those with special needs who would not otherwise be able to safely benefit from having their own mobile phone.

The Best Network for Growing Up

We all know that this is what children want. They want a grown-up phone like their parents, older brothers or sisters or even their friends have. ParentShield is designed to be the very best network to allow parents to safely teach the skills they need to be independent.

Parental control apps, or special phones with enhanced parental control Operating Systems are useful in many circumstances but they are either easy to circumvent or come with the heavy price of becoming a phone that is fairly undesirable.

A proper child-safe Mobile Network

ParentShield Child mobile network SIM card is designed to provide all the most important security benefits from the Network. This means it’s possible to use ANY unlocked mobile phone regardless of the phone’s capabilities. It could be a cheap ‘emergency phone‘ available for £10 or it could be a £1000 iPhone and the security benefits would be identical in both cases. As the user grows it’s then a simple job of moving the SIM from one handset to the next.

Children are also quite likely to lose or drown their phone.  Applying the safety controls to the network means if ( or when ! ) the phone is damaged beyond all recognition there are no settings to contend with. ParentShield will simply put a new replacement SIM with the same number in the post same day. Free of charge.

The Best Network for Child Safety

One of the most important security actions with a mobile phone is to lock it with a good pass code, and for the user to understand that it is THEIR pass code and know and understand that nobody else should have access to it.

Parental Control Apps require frequent access from the administrator for updating, examining and control.  This works against the instruction to the child to keep their phone, and its content private.

If the phone need a parent’s own security password entering then you can be fairly sure it’s not going to be long before the child knows what that password is. Game Over.


Best Network for Control

Because your ParentShield Mobile gets its features from the mobile network and not the phone, you can make all your changes instantly without so much as touching the phone. Once the SIM is in the phone there is no need to ever touch the phone.  No Arguments there then!
From your ParentShield Portal you can listen to every call, read every text, turn mobile data on or off, set bedtime, define word alerts, block or unblock numbers and more.


The safe Mobile Network

ParentShield’s safeguarding team has completely redesigned the mobile network with children in mind. New features have been introduced that can’t be found on any other network. Mobile phones were, after all, invented and developed with adults in mind and the needs of parents largely overlooked.

Automatic protection, word alerts, advanced blocking and allow lists, time and Schoolblock controls are all features that don’t feature on any adult network, but are put to use every day on the ParentShield Network.

Peace of Mind With The Best Mobile Network for Children

A brand new parent-child friendly mobile network for children has recently launched called ParentShield. It is designed to allow children to have the independence of a normal mobile phone but with the strongest parental protection.

The network provides a powerful SIM which can be used in any unlocked mobile phone. It works exactly like any normal sim card, and has great coverage all over the UK through use of network roaming. Every feature of the network is designed to be child-safe from the spending controls, through to the call controls, alerts and monitoring capability.

Best of all your child can have the right phone for their age and the one they will be proud to show to their friends! There are special parental control phones available but what child wants to show their friends that?

Choose a SIM-Only Deal

ParentShield is a SIM-ONLY mobile network which means they supply just the SIM card ( and mobile network services that go with it).

The SIM means your child gets a real phone number, and can make and receive mobile phone calls and text messages.

Just like any other mobile network, ParentShield connects your child’s mobile phone to the internet ( If that’s what you want of course ).

Unique Features of ParentShield

  • Use your choice of phone that your child will be proud to show off and is of the right level.
  • Records all calls and texts to and from the sim card
  • All texts and calls can be viewed in online ‘parent’ portal – Even ‘Deleted’ ones
  • Unwanted texts or calls can be blocked at the touch of a button
  • Internet can be turned on or off
  • Free calls to home
  • Time controls stop calls and texts after bedtime or during school time
  • Adjustable security options so that your child can be given more freedom as they grow
  • No advertising or encouragement to spend more is ever targeted by ParentShield at the user
  • Daily Data Budgeting allows you to make sure mobile data ALWAYS lasts the whole month
  • No overspending is ever possible.
  • Automatic Word alerts
  • Child Abuse protection and alerts

You should aim to be honest with your child about the risks of owning a mobile phone as well as the abilities of an engine mobile SIM – this encourages your child to be honest with you if they do face any problems.

You’re in control with ParentShield SIM from Engine Mobile – so you know they’re safe. Click here on the link below to find the best safe SIM plan for your children.

The right Mobile Network for your Child’s age:

While most children will typically be allowed their first mobile phone in years 6 or 7 – that’s between 10 and 12 years of age – it’s not universal, and every child and their needs are different. Choosing the best phone, and best mobile network for a child depends on the child, their daily and family routines as well as family and community traditions. There is no ‘right age’ and children can be as young as 4 or as old as 16.

ParentShield is the best mobile network for children

Comparison: A Mobile Network for Children vs an adult mobile network

FeatureAdult NetworkMobile Network for Children
International Calls✔️
Number Porting✔️✔️
Allow List✔️
Blocking List✔️
Premium Rate Calls✔️
Totally Capped Costs✔️
User Assumed to have Authority✔️
Network Roaming✔️
Call Recording✔️
SMS Recording✔️
Word Alerts✔️
Daily Data Budgeting✔️
Time Controls✔️
Extra Security✔️
User verification✔️
Only Children Allowed as Users✔️
Special needs features✔️
Recommended By professionals for child use✔️
Comparison of the differences between a child protection mobile network and an adult mobile network

Reviews of the best network for children

Customer reviews show how Parents appreciate the child-safe features of ParentShield with most new users being referred to the network from other users. ParentShield rates over 4.9 stars out of five.

Brilliant mobile network for Children I have recommended this to many parents


NetworkReview PlatformConsumer Rating#Reviews
Vodafone SIMTrustpilot1.317,480
O2 SIMTrustpilot1.38,589
EE SIMTrustpilot2.111,378
Tesco MobileTrustpilot4.516,493
Comparison of UK Mobile Network Consumer Review Ratings. Taken January 2023

About ParentShield

ParentShield is the mobile network from Derby, UK based Engine Mobile Ltd. It was launched in 2018. The company and team behind the network have been designing and building Internet-based ( VOIP ) telephone systems since 2000 and the move to mobile telecoms was a natural progression.

The founders have their own personal experience of communications and those with Special Needs.

The ParentShield Network now reaches to over 150 networks across Europe and the Americas and roams across all four major networks in the UK.

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