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The Safe Mobile Network

ParentShield: features that grow with your child

ParentShield™ is designed to be not only a Great Mobile Network and a Protecting Mobile Network, it’s a Training Network.

We want our children to be safe, but first and foremost we want to teach them how to be safe, so when they’re away from home, or out of sight, they make great choices independently.

In the most restrictive mode, ParentShield provides a mobile phone that can call home, be called from home, and can call the emergency services and nothing more. Mobile Data can be turned off, and the phone is safe for children of any age, or level of curiosity, to use.

As the child grows, in age and responsibility, ParentShield allows more power and responsibility to be passed to the young person, progressively. It’s designed to promote discussion and conversation and allow the young person to feel empowered and proud of their New Mobile Telephone.

Here we share some of the features of ParentShield that make it “The Child-Safe Mobile network”.

ParentShield Special “Home Numbers”

If you’re using the ParentShield child-safe mobile phone service for a young child, you can set the settings in the portal to only allow their phone to call and be called by certain numbers. This can be done by logging into your account and clicking on the settings tab. Once you’ve done this, insert the two numbers you want the phone to be able to contact and be contacted by, for example, one or two parents’ phone numbers. It will be completely free for the child to call these 2 numbers, as being in touch with home is one of the main purposes of this service. These numbers can be landlines, mobiles or a combination of both.

These home numbers are also ‘safe numbers’. This means that the Engine-Mobile powered parental control Mobile Phone will always be able to call these numbers regardless of the other settings on the phone. The Safe Numbers and the Emergency Service numbers are always available.

When you feel that your child can be given more freedom with their phone, you can keep the special numbers the same but allow the phone to contact and be contacted by other numbers that you specify.

Removing Restrictions

As the user grows, you will want to open the phone to more callers. By turning off Ultra Secure mode, the phone will operate very much as you would expect any mobile would. But in this mode you can remotely, without any need to touch the phone, set a block list that will bar any number from calling, or being called by the phone. It will also block SMS to or from that number.

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