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Unique monitoring capabilities

Monitor activity remotely 

Each account has an optional Call and / or SMS recording function that allows the parent / carer to monitor activity remotely, without touching the phone. 

Even if you don’t check the recordings regularly, you have the peace of mind knowing that, should the worst happen, the calls and text messages are there, archived securely for six months.

Read all text messages

In the text section of the portal you can see the timestamp of every SMS and who it was sent to, or from, along with a copy of the message. Even if the message is deleted from the phone it is still visible in the portal. 

Listen back to any call

In the calls section you can see the timestamp of every call to, or from the phone, along with a recording of the entire phone call.You have the option to listen to the call, delete it, or download the recording onto your computer if required.

Be alerted

Turn on the Words Alerts feature in your portal and all words used in any SMS message to, or from, the phone are scanned against your personal words alert list.  Should any of the words used be potentially concerning, an SMS is sent to YOUR mobile phone, alerting you to log into your Portal and check out the conversation.

Automatic abuse protection

Allow ParentShield’s special artificial intelligence to keep an extra eye on proceedings to spot potentially abusive child behaviour and alert you so you can check it out.

App install attempt notifications

To keep parents in the know, our systems watch sms messages for signs that children are trying to download age restricted apps and alert parents. Forewarned is forearmed.

Total protection.

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