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Unique Parental Controls

ParentShield is the only mobile network that offers access to a secure online portal (or by downloading our parent portal app) allowing the parent / carer to control the phone remotely, at network level, to tailor the service as appropriate for the age or ability of their child.  Settings can be adjusted at any time.

1. Set Bedtime Controls

You set bedtime within the portal and after that time there’s no calls, no texts or mobile data until morning.
No arguments.

2. SchoolBlock Controls

Mobile phones can be a lifeline for a child but have become an issue in the classroom.
Switch SchoolBlock on and there’s no calls, no text or mobile data between 9am – 3pm Monday – Friday, but still allows calls and texts, to and from, the two ‘home numbers’ and the emergency services.
Problem solved.

3. Data Budgeting Controls

A child budgeting a monthly data allowance is like a school leaver managing their first monthly pay packet – a few days in and nothing left.
ParentShields innovative ‘BudgetMyData’ feature allows parents to spread their child’s remaining data allowance over the month, automatically, with one switch.
Easy peasy.

4. Ultra-Secure Mode Protection

Switch on Ultra-Secure mode to lock down a phone to only allow calls and texts, to and from, specified numbers. A few family members, add a friend or two and then relax this as they grow.
You choose.