Unlocking Guide

Think your phone may be locked? Call the Unlocking Team now: 0330 1221180

If a phone is locked to a particular network it will block our sim card from working. Luckily most mobile phones can be unlocked easily, and this guide will talk you through the simple process.

Some mobile phone providers will charge you for unlocking a mobile phone, this is dependent on how long you've had the phone and whether the phone is pay as you go (PAYG) or on a monthly contract.





Other Networks

giffgaff: All mobile phones bought from giffgaff will be unlocked as standard.

Just cancel your sim contract in your online account with this mobile provider, and you will be good to go.

iD mobile: The unlocking process for an iD mobile seems dependent upon the handset owned and other factors.

Call iD to enquire about unlocking your mobile on 7777 from an iD handset or 0333 003 777 from any other mobile or landline.

Sky Mobile: Their phones should already be unlocked.

BT Mobile: Only Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus are locked to the BT Mobile Network, all other mobiles are unlocked. It costs £8.99 to unlock after 6 months. 0800 800 150

= Talk Talk: Their phones should already be unlocked.