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Using the ParentShield API

Did you know, that if you’re a programmer type you can extend or automate your ParentShield Portal by using the ParentShield API.

An API is an “Application Programming Interface” – a set of instructions that allows programmers to link separate computer systems. If you are familiar with such things you can download the ParentShield API manual and use it to build automations or perform repetitive tasks or build complex alerts.

Download the ParentShield API handbook here:

Let us know what you build!

We love to hear from customers who have used the API to build their own Child Safeguarding add-ons to their ParentShield SIM card. Although everything you need is in the API Guide, its author is always on-hand for support should you have any queries. We can’t support general programming queries of course.

The General principles of the ParentShield API are that of a “Restful” API known as REST. It’s quite comprehensive and allows you do do, programatically, virtually anything that you can do via the ParentShield Portal.

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