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Virgin Mobile Child SIM Card

Virgin mobile was actually the first MVNO in the world. Impressive. It launched in 1999 and currently runs on the Vodafone network, despite Virgin Media’s recent merger with O2 to create ‘Virgin Media O2’; so one can only presume that this will change in the future.

Virgin Mobile is a Vodafone MVNO

Ordering a Virgin Mobile SIM card will get you a Vodafone SIM card. Virgin Mobile SIM cards connect to Vodafone’s network services so is the same as getting a Vodafone SIM only deal.

If you’re in an area where Vodafone coverage isn’t the strongest solution for your Children’s phones then the same will apply with Virgin Mobile as it will only connect is there is sufficient Vodafone signal.

Wait, my friends Virgin Mobile SIM card connects to EE?

Yep, confusing. According to a Virgin Mobile spokesperson, there are still ( at the time of writing ) Virgin Mobile customers with EE network connections. They did add that once they receive their new SIM cards they will be migrated to the Vodafone network, and that all new contracts will be Vodafone connections.

Getting Coverage of all Networks on a child’s Virgin Mobile phone

If you’re passing down your old Virgin Mobile handset to your child and would welcome the ability for them to access the combined coverage of all networks for the very best coverage, then a ParentShield SIM may be a better option.

By ordering a ParentShield SIM you can upgrade the single Vodafone network afforded by Virgin Mobile to an all-network roaming SIM that will harness the combined coverage of all the other networks.

Super-Roaming is an optional extra at the ParentShield online shop

Is Virgin Mobile the best SIM card for kids?

If you’re looking for a SIM based on hunting for a low price deal, or one with a massive data allowance, then possibly. If you’re looking for special network features designed from the ground-up to protect your child, less so.

The ParentShield customer support team are inundated with parents’ pre-sales questions and general advice seeking around all things mobile, and the general consensus seems to be that starting them off with a low data allowance, or disabling their access to the internet completely is the preferred choice, given that the majority of use for younger children will be using the home Wifi connection.

One of the many ParentShield portal controls is the ability to switch mobile data off in the Parent Portal, and then when they need to locate the phone, switch it on, do the lookup and then switch it back off again. Or, for plans with larger inclusive data allowances, turn on the data budgeting switch to issue a daily data cap, rather than give access to the full data allowance in one go.

Virgin Mobile eSIM

Virgin Mobile currently only offer physical SIM cards, in 3 pre-cut sizes for new customers. Standard, Micro and Nano. If you are looking for an eSIM perfect for a child’s phone, then ParentShield can supply an eSIM with very special features designed for a child.

A bit more about Virgin Mobile

For kids though, Virgin Mobile doesn’t provide the pioneering child-protection tools that ParentShield SIM Only plans provide

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