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VOXI Child SIM Card

A SIM card from VOXI will be a Vodafone SIM card as VOXI is an MVNO ( a Virtual Mobile Network Operator) brand that is owned and operated by Vodafone. VOXI pitches itself as the mobile network with Endless Social Media and allows access to many social media and video sharing platforms without reducing the data allowance.

Voxi is a Vodafone piggyback

Being owned and run by Vodafone – Voxi SIM cards have exactly the same coverage as a regular Vodafone SIM. So if you don’t have good Vodafone coverage in your home, Voxi will also suffer in the same way. The good news is it’s a network with generally good coverage.

Is a VOXI SIM suitable for a Child?

As the main USP of the VOXI service is endless social media, taking advantage of this would really depend on the age of your child. For teenagers, it could well be a great choice, but for younger children most probably not as children under the age of 13 shouldn’t have access to such things.

If you have a child under the age of 13, the ‘endless social media’ features will certainly be inappropriate.

It’s very much up to the parents whether their child should access to whichever social media platform, but schools and the authorities are required to treat access to inappropriate media as a potential safeguarding issue.

How Old Do Children Have to Be to Use These Apps?

  • Facebook = 13
  • WhatsApp = 16
  • Snapchat = 13
  • TikTok = 13 ( Recommended 16 )
  • Instagram = 13 ( Recommended 15 )
  • YouTube = 18 ( Allowed 13+ with Parental Supervision )

If your child is too young for social media platforms, choosing a Child-Safe alternative may be a much better choice for you, and the features built into the ParentShield mobile network are tailor-made to keep younger children safe.


What network does Voxi piggyback?

Voxi is an MVNO ( a virtual network ) owned and operated by Vodafone in the UK. So Voxi SIM cards will only connect to the Vodafone network.

Are Voxi SIM cards suitable for children?

Voxi allows unlimited access to Social Media websites, such as Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok and Instagram. So it will be unsuitable for children under the age of 13 who shouldn’t have access to these websites and apps.

Can I put a Voxi SIM card into any Mobile phone?

Yes, as long as the phone is unlocked to all networks. If the mobile phone was supplied on a contract from another network it may need to be unlocked to use Voxi.

Does Voxi have good UK coverage?

Yes, Voxi has a good coverage of population in the UK.

Can I cancel a VOXI contract easily

Yes – Voxi is a flexible rolling monthly contract so users are not tied into the contract for long periods.

Can my child access video content with Voxi?

Yes, Voxi subscriptions include unlimited video downloading through Netflix and YouTube

What is the Voxi age limit?

Voxi provides unlimited access to Social Media and Video streaming sites that are all 13+ or 16+

Does Voxi allow EU roaming?

To use Voxi inclusive minutes, texts, or data allowance in European Roaming Zones you’ll need to buy an extra Roaming Pass. These are available for £2 a day when you purchase a 1- or 2-day pass, or £1 a day when you purchase an 8- or 15-day pass.

How do I Log in to Voxi?

You can access an existing VOXI account via the Voxi Login with your account details.

What size is the Voxi SIM?

Voxi supplies universal SIM cards that will fit Nano, Micro and Mini SIM size devices

Voxi eSIM

Voxi doesn’t currently offer eSIM, but they are working on it. For children, you can order a ParentShield eSIM for your kids and get all of the special features included in the same way as a traditional SIM.

A bit more about VOXI

  • VOXI is owned and operated by Vodafone Limited
  • VOXI launched on the 9th September 2017
  • Originally only available to under 25’s, but now no upper age limit
  • The VOXI website can be found here

For a child though, it doesn’t offer the special child protection features of ParentShield

Paul Stevenson

Paul is a founding director of Engine Mobile Ltd, the parent company of the Child-Safe Mobile Network, ParentShield.

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