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Why Schools Recommend ParentShield

Ensuring the safety of children on their mobile phones has become a paramount concern for schools and parents alike. ParentShield, a leading mobile phone service designed with child protection in mind, has garnered strong recommendations from schools. We explore why schools recommend ParentShield and how it contributes to putting child protection at the heart of mobile phone usage.

TeachingTimes Article: Recognising Child Protection Needs

ParentShield’s commitment to child protection has gained significant attention, particularly through TeachingTimes’ article titled “Putting Child Protection At The Heart Of Mobile Phone Usage.” As a trusted resource for teachers and school leaders, TeachingTimes recognises the importance of ParentShield’s contribution in ensuring the safety and wellbeing of children.

SchoolBlock: Promoting Focused Learning

ParentShield’s SchoolBlock feature is highly regarded by schools as it blocks all calls, texts, and mobile data during school hours, except for “home numbers” and emergency services. This restriction helps create an environment conducive to focused learning, reducing distractions and inappropriate phone usage during school hours.

Blocking Setup SMS for Social Media App Downloads

ParentShield’s innovative approach extends beyond call and text blocking. It also prevents setup SMS messages associated with popular apps such as WhatsApp, TikTok, and Facebook from reaching the child’s phone. Instead, these messages are directed to the parents’ portal and also alerts them by sending a push notification – this gives parents an added layer of protection and instant awareness.

Word Alerts: Prompt Notifications for Safety Concerns

With ParentShield’s word alerts feature, parents receive instant notifications if specific words or phrases of their choosing, are used in messages to or from the phone. This proactive approach allows parents to swiftly address any concerns that may arise, ensuring the safety and wellbeing of their child.

Correspondent Alerts: Real Time Notification of New Contacts

ParentShield has recently launched new correspondent alerts, becoming the first network to provide instant notifications to parents when their child starts communicating with someone new on their mobile phone. Parents receive push notifications through the Progressive Web App, covering both telephone calls and SMS messages. This groundbreaking feature enables parents to stay informed about their child’s contacts and take immediate action if necessary. Real time alerts empower parents to intervene promptly should they have any cause for concern.

Secure Parent Portal: Centralised Control and Monitoring

ParentShield’s secure parent portal serves as a centralised hub for parents to control and monitor their child’s mobile phone usage. Through the portal, parents can manage the way their child’s phone behaves based on their age and ability, and access calls and texts. This comprehensive monitoring tool provides transparency and empowers parents to ensure their child’s safety and responsible mobile phone usage.

Free Guides and Helpful Safety Tips

ParentShield stands out by offering an array of free guides and helpful safety tips to support parents in navigating this new landscape with their children. These resources cover various aspects of child mobile phone usage, including setting up parental controls on modern smartphones, WhatsApp monitoring tips and child-friendly home Wi-Fi network setups that do not affect the parent’s connection. By equipping parents with knowledge and tools, ParentShield ensures they can make informed decisions and implement effective safety measures.

How Do I Get Our School To Recommend ParentShield?

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