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ParentShield invests in staff to be the best UK mobile network

Dmytro Lozynskyi

Meet Dmytro.

Here at ParentShield we’re constantly tweaking and improving things wherever we can. Because we genuinely want to be the very best mobile network in the UK. Dmytro has been providing his expertise developing and growing our internet presence, and making sure we’re in the right places when people look for us.

Being the best mobile network in the UK is quite an ask. The market is tough and there are 4 great mobile networks In the doing incredible things to bring mobile signals to each and every one of us.

Dmytro’s company is based in Ukraine and they’ve worked for some very well-known companies. Fortunately Dmytro has been lucky enough to be offered asylum abroad and us now even closer to us!

The Best UK Mobile Network

ParentShield users already know that we do things a little differently to other networks. Partially because we’re small enough to be closer to customers, but mostly we believe that being the Best Mobile Network in the UK means offering a different level of customer service. We’re a little old-school in our customer service. In times when people actually expect long hold times, and disengaged service call centres, and ‘chat bot’ services rather than real people, ParentShield really can, we believe, make a difference.

You can discover what our users say about us on our Testimonials page. We’re proud to have a very-nearly-all five star feedback rating. It’s a tough job in a market where so much can go wrong. Phones break, networks and computers have glitches, and there are always not-spots around every corner!

Which mobile network has the best coverage in the uk?

Being a roaming network is a great start when it comes to being better than the rest. EE, Vodafone, O2 and Three all have exceptional coverage individually. But combined – it doesn’t get any better. Where one network has a weak area, another may be strong. We are currently working on our own coverage checker that will allow you to compare a combined coverage against individual networks. People quite reasonably ask what is the best mobile network in my area. For now you can use the Ofcom Mobile Coverage checker. Basically if any of the networks shown have coverage, then we believe ParentShield will be the best mobile network for your child.

The Best Mobile Network for Children

Because ParentShield has features that no other network can offer we certainly are the best mobile network in the UK for kids. Everything we do is geared around the needs of parents providing the first phone to their children. Our features page covers the main differences between ParentShield and any other network but there really are too many points of difference to list!

The Best Mobile Network in Reviews

ParentShield uses as its independent reviews collector. Every ParentShield Customer is contacted by them to seek a public review. Everything that customers say is published so you can be confident that the ratings and reviews that customers leave are a genuine reflection of their experience.

The best Mobile Network for Reviews

ParentShield uses as its independent collector of Customer Reviews.
Customers Rate ParentShield 4.9 out of 5 stars on average – that’s virtually every customer giving a perfect 5 stars out of 5 rating.

ParentShield Reviews place ParentShield arguably as the highest-rated mobile network in the UK.

UK Mobile Network Reviews as of 5th January 2023*

NetworkReviews PlatformOverall Rating#Reviews
Vodafone SIMTrustpilot1.317,480
O2 SIMTrustpilot1.38,589
EE SIMTrustpilot2.111,378
Tesco MobileTrustpilot4.516,493
Comparison of UK Mobile Network Reviews as of January 2023*

The Best Mobile Network for Features

ParentShield is the only UK network that provides its customers with mobile network features that allow them to control so many aspects of their child’s phone. Many of the features like SchoolBlock, Network Watch and Ultra Secure Mode are totally unique and only available on ParentShield.

Every feature that ParentShield provides is designed to make it the best choice for a child’s first mobile phone.

* Reviews: we have used the publicly-available review figures that we believe provide the best genuine view of customer sentiment. Others, like Sky and Plusnet we were unable to separate reviews based on Broadband usage from mobile phones, so haven’t included these.
ParentShield will happily accept reviews on Trustpilot, but due to our smaller size, compared to the other networks the low volume of reviews there doesn’t make the ‘trust score’ a reliable gauge.

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